"A party without cake is just a meeting"

Food Feels facilitates teambuilding workshops and events using food to foster connection amongst those who participate. The goal is to improve company culture, making the company itself more attractive to be part of.

Creative food vaffle and broccoli
Food Feels Workshop 1
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*Pre-activity is an addition to your company experience to make it more dynamic and last an hour longer. Hear about your options and our external partners when you send us a request.


a Food Feels workshop?

Food Feels workshops are more intimate workshops and activities for groups of less than 20 people. Food is always the centerpiece with elements of play, collaboration and conversation. The purpose is to create a setting that invites for genuine social connections and quality time.


during a Food Feels workshop?

Each workshop can be designed according to your company culture and brand values. Depending on your individual objectives and desired outcome, each workshop takes around 3 hours and consists of 1) an introductory element 2) a bodily element where we work closely together and our senses are primed 3) a cooking element.


Food Feels?

Julia's Food Feels differentiates by designing company experiences that stand out. We offer expertise in fostering human connection through the means of food.

The approach is sensory and human-centred, which sparks creativity and courage. Food Feels will feel informal and customised.

“The events that Julia arranged, executed and hosted at our workspace with food as tool were surprising and efficient in both improving company culture and collaboration skills amongst employees. Julia’s way of working with food is quite astonishing”

- Casper Henningsen, CEO UserTribe


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