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"It was definetly something different and exciting to try as teambuilding. People really enjoyed this event."

- Yuliya, Ørsted

Creative food vaffle and broccoli

"We had such a blast! The entire team loved the whole concept, how educational and interactive it was - and most importantly; it was fun.

I absolutely adored that Julia tailored the workshop around the food waste theme. It couldn't have been more on brand."

- Laura Wiedel, Too Good To Go

The Food Feels experience is extremely inspiring. (...) More than that, it brought our team closer together, inviting us to collaborate and create a beautiful plate of art, and cook together - very hands on! The food was delicious, the wine was excellent and the vibe was fun and creative. Super host! Totally recommended as a team-building activity

- Andreea Vlad, Radiometer

“The events that Julia arranged, executed and hosted at our workspace with food as tool were surprising and efficient in both improving company culture and collaboration skills amongst employees. Julia’s way of working with food is quite astonishing”

- Casper Henningsen, CEO UserTribe

We had a really good experience with Julia. As a team we got strenghtened AND learned a lot of new useful things especially on intuitive cooking. The workshop was both entertaining and challenging. The food we created was so delicious. Julia is an incredible host, who creates a safe space that is plesant for everybody.

- Kira, SEO-Manager, Leadtime

This year, we were seeking to experience something a little different for our annual Christmas Lunch, and honestly, we hit the absolute Jackpot finding you and your amazing Intuitive Cooking workshop.

Your passion and electric personality really impacted and encouraged us to get involved and roll up our sleeves and create together as a team a delicious meal ( people are still talking about it.....).

Everything was engaging and fun! We can't wait to find an opportunity to schedule time together again!

- Liat & The Performativ team

“The workshop & menu for our department at Ørsted were amazing and “forced” us to work together as a team. Julia did a great job in creating a fun atmosphere while making sure we stayed on track. Everyone in the team had fun and was fully engaged in all the activities”

- Sascha Klausmann, Ørsted

I would highly recommend this team-building activity to any company looking for a fun, creative and engaging way to bring their team together. From start to finish, the activity was well-organized, well-planned, and highly enjoyable. Julia was friendly and engaging, which helped to set a positive tone during the whole event. The ingredients at our disposal were of high quality, most of them, completely unknown to any of us  with flavors inspired by the diverse countries Julia traveled in. We felt at home, and comfortable. We had an amazing time! 
- Ann-Sofie, MapsPeople

"With Julia as food designer for LittleBigHelp's charity galla 2022, our guests experienced how food may connect people. The food matched our theme and brand values very well. It's been extremely interesting to work with Julia in order to create a flow supporting 220 guests and a special experience."

- RachelPloug Kahlke, Project Manager LittleBigHelp

"Our team participated in a 4-hour workshop with Julia where we felt in very competent hands. Julia welcomed us with a special energy, which immediately sparked curiosity and relaxation. The surroundings that Julia had chosen for our needs where incredible, and as part of the workshop, we choose the QBiq Circle add-on which strenghtened our team through play and laughter."

- Sara Hyldegaard Lystbæk, Employee Engagement & HR Partner

''Julia is one of a kind. It was a pleasure working with her. She has a lot of knowledge, her energy is loving and she has a beautiful way to connect with people. Julia's FOOD FEELS at Kibayo was a big success. If you have the chance to work with her, please do. You won't regret it!"

- Estee & Taif, Kibayo

"We had a private cooking session with Julia because we wanted to explore the potential of herbs in the kitchen. 

The experience exceeded expectations while we were re-discovering flavours and textures. It was fascinating to "taste" using all the senses (or even isolating them).

Very enjoyable! We let ourselves be carried away by intuition and creativity while cooking as a team."

- Innovation Team, Ingka Group

“We had the pleasure of an online cooking course with Julia which I can highly recommend. Julia constructed a menu that was creative and adapted to the audience. Despite online format, Julia managed to create a present and unformal mood. During the workshop we were delighted with anecdotes and new knowledge - and all members were included in the conversation”

- Katrine, DFUNK

"Julia's Food Feels is very unique, this is especially because of Julia herself, her creativity, energy and passion for food really comes to life.

The menu always has a special touch to bring out the best flavours and methods to connect people.

We were very happy with the service and food provided for our summer party!"

- Bee McDonald, REFORM

“Julia is not only a craftsman in the kitchen - she is also an incredibly empathetic, charming and entertaining host. She is grounded and all guests feel noticed and understood. Vinimondo is happy to be collaborating with Julia."

- Jeppe Schneider, Vinimondo

"We had an online cooking class on intuitive cooking with Julia in connection to a company social arrangement. We wanted to arrange something for our colleagues following a lot of social gatherings being cancelled due to COVID-19. We had an awesome time cooking virtually together and got to learn a lot about different ingredients, cooking tips and intuitive cooking. We had positive feedback from our colleagues who enjoyed the food we got to cook and eat. Nothing gathers people like food!"

- Amanda Sand Petersen (employed in a major global company, anynomised) 

"Julia arranged a really nice team building experience for the board of Café Analog. She adapted the concept so it fit both our budget and desired outcomes (improved collaboration and communication). We learned about intuitive cooking while cooking in beautiful outdoor surroundings. Everyone went home feeling they got to know each other better while complimenting Julia’s concept. All our recommendations go to Julia."

- Laura, Cafe Analog

"We had the pleasure of having Julia doing a gastronomical experience for us in our home. There is good food and then there is fantastic food which comes with an experience. We were lucky to experience the second. I can highly recommend Julia for an extraordinary food experience"

- Mads Friis

"We were very happy with the food and service that Julia brought in to our company event. It was booth visually appealing and scrumptious. Thank you for a lovely night."

- Ditte Marie Møller Jensen, PwC | Senior Associate

“I hired Julia, as I needed help to develop my new Mexican Street Food concept. I’ve never had the interesting of cooking, but Julia’s innate passion for food has affected me and changed my perspective. Thanks to Julia my Mexican restaurant will be a success, and I can only recommend her to others.”

- Martin Jensen, Dos Gringos Aalborg Streetfood

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