Hungry for experiences?

Julia's Food Feels creates gastronomical experiences that unite people & increase wellbeing.

"Food feels"

- an overwhelming emotional reaction caused by an experience with food

My mission is to give you food feels. Through sensory playfulness, intriguing themes and storytelling, I create memorable experiences, where food streghtens our social bonds and wellbeing. 

Food is our universal language: About food we may fight, and through food we may unite.

Would you like to create a gastronomical experience together?

At-home experiences

Private dining, workshops or consulting for special occasions where you want the food to unite your guests.

Company experiences

Intimate events, workshops and consulting to unite employees and improve company culture

Public experiences

Public pop-up events, workshops and happenings. Insigts and requests.

Menu Consultation

Sparring and recipe creation for restaurants/cafes to etablish attractive, nutritious and sustainable menus that stand out



- sharing methods, insight, sources and explaining the how/why behind my experiences to ensure knowledge and inclusion.


- creating experiences where we become active by utilising and exploring our senses for deeper engagement.


- uniting people and strengthening social bonds through playful, interactive and memorable gastronomical experiences.



- through transparency, interaction and connection, the gastronomical experiences aim to yield perspective and modify the perception of food, ourselves and each other.