to change our perception and behaviour around food towards increased understanding, appreciation and deliberate utilisation of our resources

I am a chef, food communicator and advocate of seeing food as a Multipotential. My innate passion for food started from the age of 6, where I began to spend my after-school hours at home cooking and experimenting with whatever was already in the kitchen. I experienced a tremendous sensation of calm and joy when cooking. As my mother or brother came home from their duties, I would serve what I’d cooked to observe how they reacted and whether it made an impact. Therefore my love towards food has always been connected to an understanding that it can impact people, relations and one's own wellbeing.

While working as private chef on the side and traveling the world exploring food cultures, I graduated with a Masters degree from Copenhagen University in Cognition & Communication. I specialised in the cognitive factors within humans when eating individually or together. This included understanding how food is a communicative system itself; how socio-cultural aspects impact our food behaviour and perception; and how our senses are a beautiful mess. 

I support, believe and contribute to the power of food in social, cultural and personal contexts. Through food we can amplify social dynamics, culture and identity. This is why I choose to work with food in various ways however, focusing on creating gastronomical experiences in both private, professional and public settings. 

The foundation for my work with food is to celebrate the beauty in cooking, eating and acknowledge its many potentials; also in cases with limited resources. Contributing to the limitation of food waste is amongst my goals, values and strengths. This is why I incorporate particular foods, insights and methods such as intuitive cooking into my communication and services; to broaden perspectives without demanding. I believe, we can only thrive with change when it is respecting status quo while being inviting.