Girl with food


to foster human connection and wellbeing through food while contributing to a broader understanding of food's potential

I am a chef, food communicator and advocate of seeing food as a Multipotential. My innate passion for food started from the age of 6, where I began to spend my after-school hours at home cooking. Mostly to observe how my family reacted when I served them the food. My love towards food has always been connected to an understanding that it can impact people, relations and one's own wellbeing.

While working as private chef and traveling the world exploring food cultures, I graduated with my Masters degree from Copenhagen University. I specialised in the cognitive factors behind how food may build communities. 

I support and believe inthe power of food in socio cultural contexts. Through food we can amplify social dynamics, culture and identity. This is why I choose to work with food in various ways focusing on experiences that connect people

The foundation for my work with food is to create environments where people thrive; Spaces where human connection is fostered for belongingess and motivation.

Social gastronomy is social sustainability. Social sustainability is responsibility. We might as well make it fun.