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- is Food Feels?

I am a chef, food communicator and an experience designer. From the age of 6 I began to spend my after-school hours at home cooking. I descovered how the food managed to connect and gather us, as I served it for dinner. My love and respect towards food has always been connected to an understanding of how it can impact relations, communities and wellbeing.

Alongside working within the field of food, I graduated with my Masters degree from Copenhagen University within Cognition and Communication. I specialised in the cognitive factors behind how food may build communities. My experience rages from having worked on project with HR departments; being a private chef; teacher; recipe creator; product developer and experience designer.

I believe in the power of food in socio cultural contexts. Therefore, the foundation for my work with food is to create environments where people thrive and where human connection is fostered.

Social gastronomy is social sustainability. Social sustainability is responsibility. We might as well make it tasty and fun.



to foster human connection and wellbeing through food

Food Feels is an approach to food. It supports the belief that food has the potential to modulate social dynamics. It can connect people, cultures and communities and streghten social bonds. This approach is linked to academic reserach on how our brains function and how perception and emotional states are closely related to our senses, hence: food.

Julia's Food Feels takes advantage of this knowledge by incorporating it into elements of both workshops, designs and events to make these stand out. Workshops are based on team-building mechanisms; events are based on experience design. 

Whether it is a teambuilding-workshop, a custom designed event or a pop-up, the key words in Food Feels is playfulness, interaction and impact. Factors of sustainability are always considered by 1) using local seasonal ingredients for lower emissions, 2) generating as little food waste as possible, and 3) targeting social sustainability. 

Girl with food


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