Culinary consultation

Consultation for those who want to stand out through attractive, nutritious and sustainable food offerings

"Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul"

- Dorothy Day

With a combination of an academic background and years of practical experience as private chef and experience designer, I provide the service of helping cafes and restaurants to form menus and food experiences that are brand loyal, market oriented, innovative and sustainable. 

The number of cafes and restaurants is expanding, and it takes more to stand out. In addition, people are becoming more aware of their possibilites and choices. This consciousness means that one must take several aspects into account such as inclusivity, nutrition, sustainability, cultural factors and basic sensory landscape when designing a menu and food experiences.

Firstly, meeting any expectations or even surpassing these means knowing one's target group. Hence, creating a menu is about specificity and research. Secondly, it is about innovative food thinking in terms of how a single ingredient can be used in multiple ways while respecting its season, potential and limitations. This is also a way of incorporating financial aspects while taking social responsibility.

“I hired Julia, as I needed help to develop my new Mexican Street Food concept. I’ve never had the interesting of cooking, but Julia’s innate passion for food has affected me and changed my perspective. Thanks to Julia my Mexican restaurant will be a success, and I can only recommend her to others.”

- Martin Jensen, Dos Gringos Aalborg Streetfood