Private dining, workshops or consuting for special occasions where you want the food to be the centerpiece. 

“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relatives.”

– Oscar Wilde

Private dining

While appreciating going out to eat myself, I also acknowledge how more intimate setting, customised experiences and convenience are increasingly sought after. This is why I offer private dining experiences in your own home. I always seek to customise the menu according to the type of event together with your personality, attitude and overall preferences.

No need to worry about grocery shopping, cleaning or even atmosphere. My service always includes a combination of cooking, hosting and storytelling for you to get maximum value and a fulfilling at-home experience.


Bring entertainment, learning and an experience into your own home. Make it into an event with your chosen group of people.

Rather than solely enjoying the consumption of food, you get a multi sensory and interactive experience. Bring people together through cooking and easy-going learning.

Cooking as proces has the power to act as a mindful act that simultaneously may not only combat levels of stress but also food waste. When paying attention to your senses, you become able to develop an intuitive approach that keeps you both present, skilled and flexible.


For special occasions food should not be neglected; it it often the center piece that connects people in multiple ways through its form and content.

However, getting the ideas and concept yourself may be less straightforward, which is why my food-brain is at your service. Whether it is for your birthday, anniversary or another special occasion, I am here to help you form fun, engaging and unique food-concepts let alone execution.   

"We had the pleasure of having Julia doing a gastronomical experience for us in our home. There is good food and then there is fantastic food which comes with an experience. We were lucky to experience the second. I can highly recommend Julia for an extraordinary food experience"

- Mads Friis

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