Events, activities and workshops to unite employees and improve company culture

“A party without cake is just a meeting.”

– Julia Child 

Some would claim, that employees are amongst a company’s most valuable assets. Nurturing this asset is therefore a vital part of a company’s activities. Company parties, Friday bars and team-building activities are all examples of how companies are currently nurturing. As we all need to eat, food is a soft tool to unite people.

This is why there is big potential in making food the centrepiece in company events and activities; somehow we all understand and comply to it. When uniting employees, their sense of belonging and collaboration skills may also improve. This may furthermore improve a company's culture, making the company itself more attractive to be part of.

Rather than just putting some food forward for the employees to grab, make it an interactive, engaging and worth-it experience. Company Experiences are available in both online and physical form.

“The events that Julia arranged, executed and hosted at our workspace with food as tool were surprising and efficient in both improving company culture and collaboration skills amongst employees. Julia’s way of working with food is quite astonishing”

- Casper Henningsen, CEO UserTribe

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“We had the pleasure of an online cooking course with Julia which I can highly recommend. Julia constructed a menu that was creative and adapted to the audience. Despite online format, Julia managed to create a present and unformal mood. During the workshop we were delighted with anecdotes and new knowledge - and all members were included in the conversation”

- Katrine, DFUNK