Public pop-up events, workshops and happenings

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.”

– James Beard 

Food can elevate experiences. Food can gather people. Food can help to transmit (complex) messages. Food can help your business and build communities.

For the purpose of accessibility, I enter into meaningful collaborations to offer public gastronomical experiences. These are mostly limited in terms of time span and capacity. Public experiences are always seasonal, themed and renewed.

The themes of the experiences may vary from being focused on intuitive cooking, sensory apparatus, decreasing food waste or other stories and messages. Most importantly is, that these are focused on creating a high experience factor and impact.

Julia is not only a craftsman in the kitchen - she is also an incredibly empathetic, charming and entertaining host. She is grounded and all guests feel noticed and understood. Vinimondo is happy to be collaborating with Julia."

- Jeppe Schneider, Vinimondo

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