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LittleBigHelp charity dinner 2022

Public experiences: Culinary consultation, Concept development, Project Management. 

How does one elevate the most important yearly event at a charity/non-profit organization? An event, where clear messages, entertainment, attention towards the organization's work and collection of recourses are key?

Food has the potential to facilitate part of the above. LittleBigHelp's charity dinner of 2022 had the theme "Colors of Life" where the food and concept was designed to support this theme. The development included designing a concept and menu that matched the budget, goals and ressources with special focus on experience factor. The chefs at Marriott Copenhagen got all the content and instructions to execute the experience for 220 guests.

Dominican "picnic pop-up"

Public experiences: Concept development, storytelling, event management & styling

FOOD FEELS brought to Kibayo Lagoon Villa in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. Kibayo wanted an event that would create value for its guests while attracting people from the outside to discover their lush surroundings.

Creating a food experience with a picnic setting allowed to utilise their garden while encouraging a relaxed and social atmosphere. The food experience was (as usual) interactive and playful; the guests were participating in creating some of their own food from the garden; massaging each other with lime; and sharing.

Local ingredients only, primarily plant-based and gluten-free to be inclusive while to inspire a sustainable and respectful approach to food.

Food Feels pop-up9


Public experiences: Concept development, storytelling, event management & styling

How can we expoit more of the full potential of food? Its potential to modulate social dynamics, strenghten relations and improve our psychological well-being?

A different, playful, engaging and sensory dining experience: FOOD FEELS pop-up is an experimental and interactive dining experience in Copenhagen designed to re-connect with each other and ourselves.

This pop-up took place all Tuesdays of september 2021 on a roof-top farm/greenhouse in Copenhagen (ØsterGRO). The menu was crafted in collaboration with a former Noma chef, while beverages were paired by sommerlier Jeppe Schneider and produce was partially sponsored by Fresh.Land

"The young, Danish potato"

Home experiences: Concept development, storytelling & styling

Imagine a home-experience where you and your senses are guided through a story. The story of the young, Danish potato was a tribute to the season, culture and its gastronomical multi-potential. 

The guests had to dig up small potatoes in a soil-looking pot to connect with the produce. Often we throw out the peel of the potatoes. However, crispy and smoked potato-skin was served in a bio-degradable bags to emphasise the point. 

Rather than just serving food and filling bellies, I incorporate socio-cultural aspects, reinforce storytelling, inspiration and stimulate all senses.

Design uden navn

"Food co-lab"

Company experiences: Concept development, team-building, event-management & styling

How can a workplace improve its employees collaboration skills and overall feeling of belongingness and motivation? Food is a great, ‘soft’ tool to mediate these processes. 

At UserTribe one of the events that Julia’s Food Feels arranged as a HR activity was the “Food co-lab”. Employees were put into groups across different departments, each with a ‘creative set’. First course was a collaborative painting made from different substances and textures, that did not have any explanations; each group thus had to converse and sense together in order to agree on what their painting should include. Throughout the event interpersonal dynamics were modified by collaborative, boundary-crossing and playful inputs. 

"Pop-up food theatre"

Public experiences: Concept development, storytelling, event management & styling

An intimate, secret multi-sensory experience in charming Christianshavn in Copenhagen? A hybrid between private dining and going out to eat? The autumn food theatre in the beautiful showroom of Vinimondo had 20 exclusive seatings and was a full-experience evening. 

The overall theme was a trip to the forest, where the food would preform and set the atmosphere. Each serving was a tribute to each of our senses. Simulating the smells and sounds of the forest alongside storytelling and intriguing beverage-pairing  by sommerlier Jeppe Schneider. 

PPPP model

Intuitive cooking: the model

Concept development, theory-building, visual communication, styling

Imagine being completely free of rules and recipes. To cook satisfying and scrumptious meals spontaneously according to what YOU already have without ever contributing to food waste. To experience mental stillness when cooking by attending to the body rather than the mind. 

The “PPPP” model divides the process of intuitive cooking into 4 steps. Although these steps are simplified, they grasp the essentials of how to master intuitive cooking by understanding how to prep, the potential of each product, how the different processes can transform, and how to pair according to our biological compounds.

Intuitive cooking workshop: Deloitte

Company experiences: Team-building, workshops & teaching

A way of inspiring and initiating creative processes and thinking wihtin employees, is to detach from strict rules, guidelines and recipes. Inuitive cooking is one of the methods for this.

Due to covid-times, the workshop for Deloitte was online however, with plenty of mediation, entertainment and dialogue. All the attendees had variations to their dishes, according to their own preferences.

The essence is to use food as a 'soft tool' to unite employees, evoke their creative thinking and to have fun. How? By not sticking to a recipe but rather to be open-minded, curious and let the sensory appartus of oneself guide the cooking.